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O Estudo que já deu o que tinha a dar - Eu falei com a OCDE

Tendo em conta a polémica com o Estudo que era da OCDE e depois deixou de ser, resolvi enviar um email à OCDE a perguntar, afinal, o que é aquele relatório. Aqui fica a conversa parcial - endereços e nomes foram cortados - com duas menina simpáticas:

"I'd like to know if the OECD presented, during this week, any study related to the Portuguese educational system".

A resposta chega passado algum tempo:

"Thank you for your request. You can access information on this report on ourwebsite: click on,3343,en_2649_39263231_4
best wishes

O link remete para um texto cujo título é "Portuguese primary school reforms bearing fruit, says independent report", cuja tradução para português surge através de uma ligação ao site do Ministério da Educação. Tendo em conta a polémica, não respondia à minha pergunta, por isso, voltei a questionar:

"Thank you for your quick answer. What I intend to ask was if the report was made by OECD or if it is independent study..."

E a resposta surge seca e directa:

"It is an OECD report."

E a pergunta, minha, é a óbvia:

«Then why is written "A report by independent experts on Portugal's primary school"? (quote)»

A resposta não chegou pela mesma fonte, que me deixou a falar para o boneco...

Hoje, voltei a receber um email, mas de outra menina, que me respondeu o seguinte:

Thank you for your enquiry about the report released in Lisbon earlier this week, Policy Measures Implemented in the First Cycle of Compulsory Education in Portugal. This study was carried out by independent experts who were directly commissioned to carry out this work by the Portuguese Ministry of Education. The study was led by Dr. Peter Matthews, Visiting Professor at the Institute of Education, University of London and international consultant in the area of education. Peter Matthews has worked as a consultant for the OECD on other occasions and for this exercise his team chose to use an approach very similar to the one that OECD has used in assessing education policies over a number of years.

Although the OECD had no input into the contents of the report, which remain the responsibility of the authors themselves, it was invited by the Portuguese authorities to write the foreword, a task we were happy to accept after reading the report. The OECD also agreed to participate in the event to launch the report with a discussion of the issues raised in the report. External and independent assessments by experts are a valuable input to inform policy debates and assist with the design and implementation of policies. They can provide useful insights for policy development. The recommendations of the independent experts in this report are thoughtful and constructive and on that basis, they merit the full consideration of Portuguese education stakeholders in the pursuit of better education for all in Portugal. (...)

Na despedida:

Thank for your aswer.

Please consider only one sugestion:
I sent the same email message to, where it was said (quote): 29 de janeiro de 2009

RE: Study on the Portuguese educational systemoecd.org29 jan
"It is an OECD report"

Said this, regarding the importance of OECD and furthermore its credibility, I humbly sugest the communication policy should be centered in a single Office, to avoid cases like the one I mentioned above.


Thanks for pointing this out to me. Sorry that there was this confusion.

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